Complimentary CHORD Cables

B&W have teamed up with the Chord Co. to offer an unbeatable deal on speaker cable worth up to £400 when you buy any model of the B&W 700 Series speaker range. From the 1st November until 31st March 2019.

This offer is available at The Sound Gallery with any 700 Series purchase!

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Make the most of your new 700 speakers with complimentary cable from Chord!

The Chord Company speaker cable will be factory terminated. You will receive up to £400 contribution towards the speaker cables, depending on which speakers you purchase.

702       Receive £400 worth of Chord Cables
703       Receive £400 worth of Chord Cables
704       Receive £280 worth of Chord Cables
705       Receive £280 worth of Chord Cables
706       Receive £160 worth of Chord Cables
707       Receive £160 worth of Chord Cables
HTM71 Receive £100 worth of Chord Cables
HTM72 Receive £100 worth of Chord Cables

The contribution can only be used towards Chord Company speaker cables (not interconnects etc) at the time of purchase and cannot be taken as a cash discount. Any contribution not used cannot be transferred. 

Read more about the Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series speakers here.

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