800 Series

The ultimate home speakers


The 800 Series from Bowers & Wilkins.

Ever since the original launch in 1979, the 800 series speakers have been a benchmark for high end audio performance. Over the last five years, and using the latest modelling techniques, Bowers & Wilkins have examined every single element of the previous 800 speakers, searching for the smallest weakness and understanding of how to overcome them. The result is a completely new speaker range, using unique new materials, totally redesigned from ground up, bringing the end listener the very ultimate in audio realism making a truly revelatory experience...

Linn Akurate Board


Priority delivery.

As a handful of B&W 800 dealer in the UK, we stock a huge amount of speakers, and have preferential access to the entire B&W range, from 800 Series, 700 Series, 600 Series, Custom, Formation, Portable & headphones, The Sound Gallery pretty much has everything.

See the B&W 700 series here.

Linn Akurate Board

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