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Selekt DSM - Make it yours

Selekt DSM: Edition Hub

Edition Hub (pictured above) is a superior-quality and higher-performance Selekt DSM enclosure model, featuring an all-machined construction for improved rigidity, interior isolation and far better sound. Starting at £9,900 this new unit comes ready for Organik, Dual Organik DAC modules, integrated amplifiers and includes the new uprated Utopik power supply.

This high-end streamer is the new replacment for the previous Linn Akurate range of players, and a very generous trade-in option is available now for all Akurate DS & DSM owners.

Organik DAC for Selekt DSM

Linn’s entirely homegrown, flagship DAC – Organik – is now available as an upgrade for every Selekt DSM player, in both a stereo and higher-performing dual-mono variant.

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