Stirling LS3/5a

Built under license from the British Broadcasting Corporation, the Stirling LS3/5a loudspeakers are a highly regarded, truly legendary product that takes up very little space, and was originally produced as a tool to monitor music as it was recorded live by the BBC.

Today the Ls3/5a has been enhanced by designer Derek Hughes, who has worked with this product since the 70's. So if you desire breathtaking vocals with almost spooky musical realism, then please look no further.

The perfect bookshelf speaker

The LS3/5a works perfectly with all music sources, wonderful on radio, vinyl and digital. LS3/5a produce an easy to live with musical sound, that leaves you listening to the music and forgetting about the speaker. They work great on a book-shelf. However, the purist will want to use these on stands to get the very most out of the speaker. Do this and you can achieve an almost holographic lifelike stereo image.

100% Hand-made

Every speaker is built tested and made by Doug Stirling, who (it won't come as a shock) is the company owner. He has been hand crafting the LS3/5a for over forty years, and there is just nothing he does not know about this speaker. The Stirling LS3/5a is readily available in a beautiful cherry and walnut real wood finish and sometimes in limited edition finishes. Please ask for details.

The timeless classic

Stirling LS3/5a V2 in walnut or cherry finish £1,695 inc vat.

Stirling LS3/5a V3 walnut or cherry finish (upgraded cross-over & orginal tygan grill) £2,195 inc vat.

Limited edition finishes POA.

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