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The Best offer Linn have ever made!

Exchange your Linn disc player or pre-amplifier and receive a fixed price against any new product!


In 2007 Linn pioneered music streaming with the launch of the Linn DS, delivering sound quality and flexibility unmatched by CD players. Two years later, they stopped making CD players altogether. The era of the CD is over and Linn wish to bring their loyal customers into the 21st century, it’s time to embrace streaming!


Off Linn Klimax Products


Off Linn 5 series Products


Off Linn Akurate Products


Off Linn Majik Products

So for a limited period, you can exchange your Linn disc player, or Linn pre-amplifier, for a guaranteed value against any new product:


Pick a Network DS or DSM Music Player, a new pair of speakers, an LP12 Turntable, or even our latest Exakt upgrades—it’s all up to you. Linn’s latest products offer superior performance, access to vast new sources of digital music and features you just won’t find with a CD player: such as Space Optimisation, Multi-room and limitless control options. Plus, each one is upgradeable: new features, services, and even performance upgrades are regularly available.


Contact The Sound Gallery to organise the exchange of your current product for the new product that is right for you, and bring even better sound into your home!


Offer runs from July 1st till August 31st 2017. 

Find out more about Linn at the Sound Gallery here.

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