With new upgraded Klimax LP12, you will experience your favourite albums
both cherished classics and those freshly unwrapped, as if it were for the first time.

Linn's ultimate LP12 turntable has now been boosted to an even higher performance level. All users can now upgrade to an even better sound with these wonderful add-ons.

Linn Radikal 2

Radikal 2 features hyper-accurate speed management technology, which generates sustained, uniform rotation closer to 331⁄3rpm than any turntable. Klimax LP12 works hard behind the scenes, so that your ears don’t have to.

More music

Experience even more of the music, in perfect pitch, thanks to an FPGA- managed motor control unit (MCU), and the latest, precision-engineered motor technology – working in unison to produce ultra-smooth rotation, and lower drift measurements.

New motor

Radikal 2 includes a brand new motor. The motor itself features lower noise voltage regulators and smaller components, making everything electrically quieter than ever before.

Radikal 2

The improved board design at the heart of new Radikal 2 incorporates whisper- quiet power supply rails – yielding our all-time lowest noise floor. The Radikal 2 is available to order now in two case versions - Klimax and Akrurate (pictured above). Older units can be upgraded to Radikal 2.

Linn Ekstatik 

Ekstatik – the new jewel in the crown of the Linn cartridge range. Ekstatik sets a new bar for arm/cartridge performance for the Linn LP12 turntable.

Klimax LP12

New Klimax LP12 produces an even more musical, pitch-perfect performance; and marks the conquest of a new summit of performance at the top of Linn's industry- leading Sondek LP12 range. See the full range here.


Ekstatik features a micro-ridge stylus on a sapphire cantilever which makes for an extraordinarily responsive cartridge. Bespoke honeycomb cut into the cartridge body means mass is reduced to the preferred sweet spot of close to 7g.

fluted plinth

New plinth

The classic fluted plinth has now returned as an option for any Linn turntable, and is available in all the standard wood finishes - oak - rosenut - walnut  cherry - black ash.

True Service

The devil is all in the detail so nothing is left to chance. The Sound Gallery have been assembling, servicing and installing Linn's wonderful turntables since we opened our doors back in 1985. The pictures here are just a small selection of our fine handi-work, and we are happy to collect, service and return your LP12 turntable, making it simple to maintain.

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